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  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute, Chiropractor + Massage Therapy

    Our Services

    Our Pickering physiotherapy clinic offers solutions in physiotherapy treatments. Our goal is to help you restore independent physical function in all your life activities.

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  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute, Chiropractor + Massage Therapy

    What to Expect

    Our Pickering Physiotherapy Institute team has the skills and training required to fully assess, diagnose and prescribe treatment to alleviate your physical discomfort.

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  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute, Chiropractor + Massage Therapy

    Our Team

    Our award winning team of diverse specialists cover the spectrum of physiotherapy and massage therapy treatments and can help you speed up that road to recovery...

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Our Pickering physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy clinic offers a wide range of both traditional and natural treatments.
We offer:
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Registered Massage Therapy
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Sports Injury Specialists
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Pain Management
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Custom Orthotics
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Naturopathic Medicine
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Custom Bracing
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Car Accident Clinic
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    WSIB Rehabilitation
  • Pickering Physiotherapy Institute
    Shockwave Therapy

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97% of our patients surveyed rated us good or excellent on a 5-point rating scale. If you are not sure, why not try a 15-minute free case assessment.

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Pickering Physiotherapy Institute, Chiropractor + Massage Therapy

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  • I just left from my first visit to this clinic. The receptionist was very friendly and made me feel welcomed. I got a massage from Stefan who was amazing. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and explained everything to me in detail, as this was my first massage. The massage was amazing, and he educated me on things I can do at home to help my muscle pain. I will definitely return to this clinic for another massage from Stefan and maybe for more of their services.

    Bee J

  • I've been going to this physio clinic for the past year and they are absolutely amazing! The environment is always positive and the physio team has helped me so much with pain management. The staff are knowledgeable and provide great patient care. The staff at front desk are also very helpful. I always look forward to my physio appointments!

    John T

  • Friendly and inviting staff who make you feel comfortable and go through the process of rehabilitation every step of the way to ensure your recovery is seamless. Your always felt like a priority and the duty of care to frequently check up on you every step of the way is a professional courtesy a lot of other clinics do not practice.

    Shoaib K

  • Extremely caring and friendly staff. No complaints! I have been here numerous times for all the injuries I've had and have been well taken care of.

    Sandra P

  • Have been going there for a month now working on a football injury and I am already feeling the difference. The kind staff and clean equipment make all the difference.

    Ella P

  • So it's been five weeks to the the day since I started my crazy, extremely insane diet. I weighed 172.8 lbs when it all begun and my blood pressure was 206/115 after I had my stroke. Today, before I saw my dietitian I had my weight in and the goal was to be at 155 lbs. Remember this diet started at the beginning of Xmas break. I now weigh 152.5 lbs but my blood pressure is now at 95/55. So I now have to make a doctor's appointment to reduce my medication. I can live with that. I still have some weight to lose but I haven't been 155 lbs in 25 years. Thank you Dr Kwong and thank you Charandeep.

    Scott F