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5 Natural Ways to Manage Your Allergies

5 Natural Ways to Manage Your Allergies

1. Food as Support

What we eat greatly impacts how we feel. Supporting your body during allergy season means incorporating nutrients that boost immunity and reduce symptoms. Some foods to include in your diet are: flax or hemp seed, olive and coconut oil, fish, fruit and lots of veggies. Grapes, tomatoes, nuts and apples support the respiratory system. As much as there are foods that support the body, there are also foods that irritate the body. These foods include: dairy products, wheat and processed sugar as these are all mucous and congestion-causing foods.

2. Fresh Toxic-Free Linens

Who doesn’t love a fresh bed? As we sleep in our cozy bed, we also inhale all the toxins in the pillow casing and bed spread/blankets. Switching to a non-toxic laundry cleaner can hugely impact your allergy symptoms both in terms of respiratory and skin issues. Ensuring that you also wash your clothes after being outside helps to reduce the amounts of allergens in your home!

3. Start Oil Pulling

Yes it works! It actually works! Taking just a tsp of coconut oil and swishing it around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes can reduce congestion immediately. Coconut oil is anti-microbial meaning it disrupts bacterial, fungal and viral cell membranes by killing them. Swishing the oil in your mouth draws toxins into the mouth. Once you spit the oil in the toilet (to ensure you don’t clog your sink as oils harden) immediately brush your teeth to ensure no toxins are left behind (bonus: some report that oil pulling also whitens your teeth! Who knew!).

4. Gardening Like Darth Vader

When it comes to gardening, Mr. Vader was definitely onto something! Wearing a mask! Sure you might feel silly but wearing a mask while gardening greatly protects you and your lungs (and your immune system) from all the tiny little spors and toxins in the air. Tiny particles that irritate the respiratory system are tossed about and released while gardening and without a mask they travel straight into your body!

5. Live Sans Dust

Cleaning and dusting regularly will help keep the air clean. Investing in an air purifying can clean pet dander and allergens. You can also replace carpets with hardwood or get a lightweight vacuum so you can vacuum often.

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