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How Much Water is Enough?

How Much Water is Enough?

Water is important but how important is it? And how much do you need? Here are some facts about water and your body!

Your body is approximately 60-70% water.

There must be some importance then to staying hydrated. Picture a lake full of fish and frogs, water lilies and plants. The eco-systems within this lake are thriving. One season there is a drought and the lake that is usually full of water is now only 80% full. This will greatly affect its eco-systems. Now compare that lake to your body. If you aren’t giving your body the hydration it needs from water (not from coffee or other drinks) then the systems within your body can’t function properly.

Each day your body expels 5-10% of its water mass.

Throughout the day, your body expels water through breathing, urinating and sweating. These bodily functions alone decrease your body’s hydration by 5-10%. If you’re not replenishing your body’s water mass then you might run into some trouble. You could experience a loss of cognitive function or feel fatigued or foggy-brained. You could lose alertness, feel lethargic or experience headaches. We’ve all experienced these symptoms to some extent and know that they don’t feel good! A simple fix: drink more water.

Everybody needs a different amount of water.

There are many ways to calculate your daily water intake. An easy way is to take your weight and divide it by two. The result is the amount of ounces your body needs daily. It may seem like a lot of water per day but start small. If you’re used to having 2 cups a day then do your best to increase that to 4 cups.

Tips to drinking more water:

  • Start with a glass as soon as you wake up (adding the juice of half a lemon to it will wake up your digestive system)
  • Have a designated water cup and always keep it full
  • Know how much your designated water cup holds so you know exactly how much you’re drinking daily (how many ounces)
  • Add frozen/fresh fruit to your water for some flavour fun
  • Choose sparkling or mineral water over soft drinks
  • Dilute your juice with water
  • For every one cup of any caffeinated drink have two cups of water
  • Drink some water after every washroom break


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