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How to Successfully Get Things Done

How to Successfully Get Things Done

There’s a list, perhaps on paper, in your phone or scrambled around in your head, of all the things you want to start doing. The days fly by and you realize you still haven’t started anything and have no idea where to even begin. Don’t worry…you are among the masses! Here are some easy tips on how to start doing the things you want to do!

1. Wake up early
If you try to find time, you never will. So you have to make time to get things done. If you aren’t a morning person there is still hope for you! Set as many alarms as needed to get you up! Waking up earlier allows for more peaceful time to be productive which will help you be more optimistic and positive throughout the day.

2. Pick three things
Each night as you lay in bed or just before getting into bed, think of three things you want to complete the next day…the three most important things. This will allow you to focus on those three things the next day and feel satisfied and content when you complete them. Usually your list of to-dos continues to grows leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. By picking three things and completing them, you’ll feel positive and accomplished!

3. Clear off your desk
Having a clear desk or work space will provide you with more focus. Only have what is needed for your task on your desk. Focus on one task at a time, remove those tools that you used, clear off your work space and then start on the next task.

4. Exercise in the morning
As the day dwindles away, so may your energy. Use the morning to get your workout in! The evening may never truly belong to you…plans may come up, traffic might slow you down, your kids or spouse might not feel well and so your plans to exercise go out the window. Start your morning early and get your exercise in! This will allow you to be in control of your morning and off to a great start!

5. Get enough sleep
Most people need an average of 7.5 hours of deep sleep each night to feel fully rested and provide the body enough time to restore and rest. Start with knowing what time you have to wake up and count backwards to know when you need to be in a deep sleep. Then be realistic with how much time you need to fall asleep and be in bed at that time. Shut off your electronic devices and wind down with soft ambient music, diffuse oils and have the room as dark as possible.

If these tips seem like too much to incorporate, start with just one (maybe getting deep sleep). Set yourself up for success and don’t take on too much. You will always have more and more to do…that’s definite. So start learning how to better manage your time, make more time and get things done! Being productive is a great feeling! The more you feel accomplished in your tasks, the better your perspective on life!

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