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Intentions vs. Resolutions

Intentions vs. Resolutions

Each new year, marketing and mindsets are focused on resolutions for the year. People swarm to gyms with resolutions of becoming fit. The produce aisles of grocery stores are full of potential buyers venturing into healthier eating options. As the weeks go by, the motivation to stay healthier drifts as life settles back in and on full speed with distractions and stress.

The word resolution means to take firm action to solve something. If you aren’t sure why you are trying to solve that ‘something’ then what keeps you motivated to do it? Taking time to think about or write out resolutions is great! But taking some extra time to understand your intention behind that resolution is the key to staying inspired and motivated to succeed at that goal!

Knowing your why is what gets you to the finish line. When someone decides to join our metabolic exercise program for example, it’s not enough for them to want to be healthier. As a wellness consultant or a coach we have to know why they want to be healthier. Perhaps it’s because they want to be able to run around with their children. Their intention is to be a better parent and be more active in their children’s lives. The same goes for us! Knowing why you want to achieve something is how you set your intention behind your goal.

Here are some steps to ensuring your new year’s goals are a success!

Write Out Your Resolutions

Whatever goals you have floating around in your mind (big and small); it’s time to write them down! This is not the time to judge yourself. Scroll your inner ambitions down on a page without judgement or pride. Be honest with yourself and be positive!

Dig Deeper

Take some time to think about each resolution and why it’s important to you. Where did it come from? What is the intention behind it? Write this intention beside the resolution. Next, write down the tangible actions that need to be a taken to be successful with that goal.

Take Aim and Go!

Open up your phone calendar (or if you’re a little old school and “love the feel of paper” turn to your real calendar) and start filling it in with the activities (times and dates) that will make your goal a reality. When you look at your calendar, treat these activities as appointments. You can reschedule them for the week but you cannot cancel them for the week. Success comes from action…so take aim and go!

Don’t let 2019 get away from you. Don’t let next year go by and have you making the same goals for 2020. In 2019 you can make anything happen it just takes commitment, focus and positive intentions. You already know the year will be busy. Take the time now to make yourself a priority so at the end of 2019 you can be extremely proud of yourself and all you’ve accomplished. Create your resolutions with honest intention and take action and 2019 will be all yours to celebrate in!

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