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Natural Support for Stress

Natural Support for Stress

Day in and day out, we deal with stress: mental, emotional and physical. It could be within your job, at home or even while driving through rush hour. Stress is inevitable. How we manage stress determines how it affects our bodies.

There are many different ways to combat stress in the Big Pharma world but there are also more natural approaches to stress. In the Holistic world, there are many ways to deter stress and one way is with the help of nature.

Stress is a normal and natural part of everyday life. When stressed, we often respond in either a flight or fight manner. In either case, our adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol, adrenaline and corticosterone, which give a boost to the body to either run or fight to save your life. In today’s world, even experiencing rush hour traffic can cause subtle stress, which still affects the body releasing stress hormones. Our society has sadly become quite the chronic-stress-society, leaving most of us with cortisol continually pumping through our bodies. This affects every part of our system resulting in dis-ease of the body, cancer, autoimmune diseases and inflammation (to name the least).

Herbs, plants and seeds have been used for centuries in medicinal ways with scientific proof of the interaction within the body and the reduction of stress on the adrenals and therefore on the mind. Here are three herbs you may want to try for managing stress. Always ensure you are choosing the right herb for you by inquiring with the holistic nutritionist working at the health food store and/or consulting with a naturopath.


This little berry is vibrant and incredible! As an adaptogenic, it is safe and non-toxic and has many health benefits that can reduce stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Schisandra can help decrease fatigue, promote endurance and increase physical performance. It reduces the stress hormone in the blood and increases endurance, which is why many athletes use it.
Schisandra also supports the mind in terms of concentration, coordination and endurance, as mentioned above. Using schisandra can increase accuracy and quality of your work!

Holy Basil

This powerful antioxidant demonstrates antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to treat colds, digestive and respiratory issues and of course stress! Holy Basil, much like schisandra, is an adaptogen enhancing the body’s natural response to stress. An adaptogen doesn’t alter mood but actually supports how we function under stress and lowers the level of cortisol in the body which increases mental clarity.


This herb has amazing stress-relieving qualities and is often used on those with anxiety or high stress. It has protective effects on the nervous system and is an anti-oxidant meaning it can seek out and destroy free radicals within the body. Not only does this help with supporting the immune system but it also helps with aging and benefits the skin.

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