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Better Sports Performance With Less Risk of Injury

Better Sports Performance With Less Risk of Injury

Nowhere else is the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure more apt than in the field of sports medicine. And in the areas of sports injury treatment, sports injury rehabilitation, and sports injury prevention, no profession is better equipped to meet the rigors of sports therapy than physiotherapy.
Physiotherapists don’t just treat an injury, they treat the underlying causes to reduce the risk of re-injury and improve performance. The therapists at Pickering Physiotherapy Institute have the knowhow, and are ready to put it to work for you.

Sports injuries are a fact

Anyone, from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, who uses their muscles, knows that injuries occur. And pushing yourself to the max whether accidentally or on purpose will cause your muscles to seize and freeze. And when you’ve overdone it, you know it.
The issue is how will you recover? Recovery is the key to success in any workout.
Any cross trainer will tell you that increasing the workout will increase fitness. That’s a simple fact of the matter. But what is neglected is the recovery. The body needs time to recover from intensive workouts, and that recovery is what will let you push past previous boundaries and adapt to a new level of stress.
That’s where a good sports physiotherapy clinic comes into play. You need to have a full complement of sports medicine that will aid you in recovery when you’ve over done it, and help you with normal recovery when you are working to push it to the next level. And that’s our business.

Sports injury treatment

When you’ve overdone it, we can help. We can give you immediate relief with deep tissue massage that will sooth and help your muscle fibers realign and assist the healing process. And we can help you with stretching exercises and routines that will manipulate your tissues back to their optimum levels.

Sports injury prevention

The key to prevention is to keep the muscles and soft tissues supple. This is best accomplished by a good routine of stretching, warm up exercises, and good recovery periods between work outs. What we will do to help you with preventing a sports injury, is provide massage and therapy between workouts as well as working with you to develop your own pre and post workout warm up and cool down routines.

Keys to sports injury prevention

The key to sports injury prevention is to understand how your body mechanics work when you stress during a workout. You need to know how your musculoskeletal systems work and react to physical inputs, and you need to know how to keep that system in balance and functioning at its peak. That’s where the team at Pickering Physiotherapy Institute can help. We know sports medicine, and we know body mechanics. And we can help you optimize your workouts for the best success possible.

Some tips to avoid injury

Start slowly: Begin easy and work into the full level of the routine. In general, until you are in your peak physical shape, you should plan to extend your workout no more than 5% per session. And if you are in your peak shape, don’t rush into it. Stretch and build your tolerance in each session.
Pay attention to twinges: Overuse injuries often send signals before they are serious. Listen for these signals from your body and take action beforehand. Your body is a feedback mechanism and measures your level of stress, effort and response. Pay attention.
Know when to back off: The real secret to prevention is knowing when to back off and when to endure. Your body will warn you before you overuse. Just listen.
Recover: Make sure you give your body quality recovery time. Get a massage, take a rest, and cool down between sessions. If you have been injured, give the injury time to heal. Your body will know when it’s ready for more.

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