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Car Accidents Are A Pain In The Neck (and Back)

Car Accidents Are A Pain In The Neck (and Back)

You’re sitting, waiting for the light to change, and WHAM, somebody crashes into your car’s rear end. Your body is thrust forward, but in an instant, your head hesitates. Then, it’s whipped back and forward atop your shoulders. You can hear and feel the tissue in your neck give way under the force. You’ve just experienced traumatic neck strain, or whiplash; a painful, hyperextension of the neck. And it can be serious business.


In a whiplash accident the soft ligament and tendon tissues of the neck become overstretched.  In some instances the ligaments tear which results in permanent weakness and instability. This is when whiplash turns into a chronic condition. And even though you may experience some whiplash symptoms immediately, other symptoms of whiplash may take time to surface. That’s why it’s critical to get your injury documented as quickly as you can. A lack of documentation may affect your insurance’s willingness to pay for claims down the road. Pickering Physiotherapy Institute can help.

Whiplash symptoms

You may experience headaches, muscle spasms, shoulder pain and limited mobility of the neck. You may be so battered that you need your hand to raise your head from a pillow. Some symptoms may abate as quickly as a few weeks from trauma, but in some instances, long term chronic neck pain results. Typical whiplash symptoms include:

  • Fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, grouchiness
  • Back pain
  • Numbness or pain in the arms and hands
  • Dizziness
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Forgetfulness
  • Shoulder pain
  • High back pain between the shoulder blades

Whiplash Treatment

You should seek quick treatment from a physiotherapist or chiropractor. But if you can’t be seen immediately, you can find some simple relief in applying ice to the affected area for thirty minutes, three times a day. Cold compresses applied to the affected area will help reduce pain and assist in healing.
Immobilization has often been the path of treatment for whiplash, and in some instances that still may be the case. However, we are finding that gentle movement along with the practiced healing treatments of physiotherapy proves to be great relief for many patients.
Working with the soft tissues of the neck, a trained physiotherapist can relive symptoms of whiplash and enhance recovery. With techniques of massage, early movement, ice application, and continued care, physiotherapy will do everything to get your body to heal you’re whiplash.
For longer term treatment of a whiplash injury, a physiotherapist or chiropractor from the Pickering Physiotherapy Institute team can work with you to alleviate symptoms and help you understand your injury better so that you can live your life fuller and more completely while you deal with the injury.

What to do after a Car Accident Injury?

A car accident back or neck injury is a very traumatic event, and the care you get after a car accident injury affects you, your work, and your family. It’s important that you protect your future and your health with proper post car accident chiropractic or physiotherapy care.
After you complete your report with the local law enforcement officials, you should turn your attention to medical treatment.  Beginning your medical claim as near to the time of accident is important. You need to document your injuries and establish the accident as a cause of symptoms which may take weeks to show.
A car accident neck injury is serious business; do not hesitate to contact us to get your whiplash recovery on track.

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