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How Orthotics Can Stabilize Posture and Reduce Back and Knee Pain

How Orthotics Can Stabilize Posture and Reduce Back and Knee Pain

If you take a look at the bottom of your shoes the chances are good that you’ll see uneven wear and tear on them. Sometimes the outside edge on one side will be more worn down than the other, or sometimes you may see the front or the back of the shoe wearing down faster than the other parts of the sole. When you look at your shoe, you can just imagine what this could possibly be doing to your knees and back. Like your shoes, certain parts of your knees and back may be getting exposed to excessive wear and tear.

How orthotics can stabilize your posture

In order to reduce this extra wear and tear on your back and knees, orthotics are placed into the shoes so that the force that you are putting on your feet when walking or standing on them is balanced out naturally. When this is done, you’ll see even wear on the bottom of your shoes and you’ll feel less stress in your knees and back. Less stress on these areas automatically translates into effective pain control.

How do I know if correction is needed?

It’s not necessary to experience sore feet in order to diagnose that the force that is being put on them is in an unbalanced state. If you are experiencing neck pain, knee pain, back pain, hip pain or shin splits, you may need orthotics to get things stabilized. A specialist will assess your situation and let you know whether orthotics are recommended or whether another problem could be the cause of your pain.

If you do require orthotics, they will be specially created based on the size and shape of your feet and what corrections need to be made. A mold will be taken and a customized set of orthotics will be designed for you. When you first start wearing them, you’ll immediately feel a difference and the pain that you’re currently experiencing should start to dissipate.

Your feet are subject to extreme force especially if you play sports or work in an environment where you’re on your feet a lot. Orthotics will help to stabilize your posture to reduce the stress and pain that you’re feeling. As a bonus, they can also be used to help sore, tired and aching feet that can result after a hard day of work or active sports activities out on the field.

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