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How to practice self-love and be good to yourself!

How to practice self-love and be good to yourself!

By Catherine Seguin, Wellness Consultant & Health Coach, Pickering

What is your worthiness? How do you define worthiness? We as humans living in the Western world have been conditioned to believe that worthiness comes from our ‘successes’ in our career or job. However, this is most often a false sense of worthiness. We are innately worthy of happiness, love and kindness regardless of our race, sexual orientation, relationship status, and our annual income.

Here are 5 simple ways to really show yourself self-love and the worthiness that you are innately born with:

  1. Be present. Drink your favourite cup of tea and really enjoy it.
  2. Eat a whole food diet. We all know how important it is to eat healthy. Be sure to consciously choose your foods while grocery shopping to ensure you are buying the highest quality food.
  3. Meditate. Enjoy a 10-15 meditation every day. You can download the app Headspace to help you get started – you will feel the difference almost immediately.
  4. Workout. We all know how important it is to get our blood pumping and heart racing. If you are short on time squeeze in a 12 minute HIIT workout first thing in the morning or while dinner is cooking.
  5. Bed time routine. My favourite part of the day! This is when we wind down from our crazy busy lives. I love diffusing lavender essential oil, lighting a few beeswax candles and curling up with a book and a warm cup of magnesium tea!

Ensuring you’re respecting yourself and honouring your self-worth everyday will make an incredible impact on your own life and the world around you.

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