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Staying Motivated This Summer

Staying Motivated This Summer

Sitting on the patio, sipping on a drink, munching on nachos and enjoying the laughter of friends! Sounds like a great summer day right? But what about those summer health and wellness goals you had? Being mindful is the key to staying committed to your summer goals!

Make sure you have a clear vision of your goal and why it is so important to you. This seems very common sense but rarely is. Know the exact reason you are making changes to your life and have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in the end.

Make sure your goals are authentic and come from a honest intention because aesthetic goals alone rarely are enough to keep someone motivated. Eventually, the cheesecake, or pasta, or soda or whatever your weakness is will look really good and you’ll decide that your goals aren’t even worth it.

Tip: Figure out a health-related goal, which may include aesthetic aspects, and write it down. Focus on long-term health benefits and make a clear plan of how you will get there.

Next, make sure you create a realistic action plan. Goals must be measurable and specific to be accomplished. Once you figure out the clear goal, you need a specific and measurable action plan to get there.

  • If you want to improve your diet for health reasons … start meal planning.
  • If you are trying to improve health and weight … measure yourself and take before pictures.
  • If you need to improve insulin sensitivity… monitor glucose.

The more specific and measurable your goal, the easier it will be to track your progress and stick to it. If you need to lower carbs or eat more veggies, start a health tracking journal or a habit tracking app. Tracking drastically increases chances of success when it comes to new habits.

Tip: No matter what your goal, consider meal planning. There are many amazing tools to make it easier, and this one is my favorite. Meal planning will save time, money, and mental energy in the long run and help stick to the goal.

Also make sure to have checkpoints to know where you are on the journey to your goal and to celebrate when you get to those milestones. Make the celebration something like an experience and not necessarily food. Basically, instead of having weekly weigh-ins or daily tracking, try periodic “checkpoints” every few weeks or even months instead. This encourages a sense of internal competitiveness without getting focused on small details. It is also gives you a long enough time to see measurable results (rather than getting discouraged that you aren’t running triathlons or fitting into size 4 jeans after your first week of training).

Make sure you enjoy your journey! It will be challenging but so worth it! So keep your head up and your heart strong!

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