Pain Management

We are Pickering’s Pain Relief Experts.

At Pickering Physiotherapy Institute we believe that you deserve a life free from pain. Our team of qualified experts will diagnose and address your individual needs from a complete holistic perspective.

Our physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nurses work with each client and their family physician to develop a clinically supervised pain management + exercise therapy program that is safe, appropriate and effective.

For each new client who enters our modern and well-equipped facility, a physical screening and functional assessment are completed before initiating an individualized treatment:

  1. An 8-point, in-depth Analysis to determine the very source of your pain.
  2. A Full Consultation with the doctor to ensure all your questions are answered. All of your advanced treatment options will be explained.
  3. A Personalized Treatment Solution: We will work with you to create a plan to quickly relieve your pain. Our specialists will focus on the underlying cause and get to the root of the pain.
  4. Time + Money: We will always keep in mind your personal situation. There are several options available to suit any time and budget.

Where applicable, the referring health provider will be consulted to establish guidelines and for approval of the pain management program. The Pickering Physiotherapy Clinic Pain Management model enables ‘high-risk’ clients to achieve successful results in a closely monitored and clinically supervised program. We focus on improving quality of life through pain assessment and pain management.

Conditions that benefit from our program:

  1. Back Pain
  2. Lower Back Pain
  3. Pregnancy Back Pain
  4. Sciatica
  5. Neck Pain
  6. Trapped Nerves
  7. Shoulder Pain
  8. Muscular Discomfort

The art + science of pain management

Complex pain problems require a specialized, pain-oriented evaluation for successful management. Our goal is to effectively diagnose and treat acute + chronic pain in order to reduce dependence on the health care system, avoid unnecessary surgery and return patients to more productive living.

What Our Patients Say

97% of our patients surveyed rated us good or excellent on a 5-point rating scale. If you are not sure, why not try a 15-minute free case assessment.

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