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The Nutrition Factor: Fresh Summer Fruits 

The Nutrition Factor: Fresh Summer Fruits 

Oh summer time! The time when we delight in all the goodness of Ontario produce to cool off from the heat! Below are some delicious fruits you can enjoy and now know the nutrition within them. So go ahead and enjoy!

Biting into a juicy peach is biting into vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Peaches support eye health and skin appearance. Have dark circles? You can place a peach slice or smashed peaches directly to your under eye and wrinkles as a mask.

Eating peaches helps to combat toxins and free radicals! So keep calm and peach on!


Vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants all in these plump blackberries! Like peaches, black berries fight toxins and free radicals too. They support immune health and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Adding blackberries to your shake or smoothie is a sweet treat and a good dose of fibre!


The sweet smell of melon makes you want to take a deep breath, right? Funny enough, eating cantaloupe sends oxygen to the brain and can have you feeling relaxed and focused. Carrying lots of potassium, cantaloupe can normalize heart rate.

When enjoying cantaloupe it’s a good idea to eat it separately then other melons and at different times. Some melons don’t interact well with each other which can lead to stomach issues (bloating, gas).


Who doesn’t love a bowl of cherries? Cherries are anti-inflammatory meaning they can reduce physical pain and also improve your sleep thanks to their source of melatonin. As a great snack for dessert or throughout the day, cherries can help prevent diabetes and dark cherries can help reduce PMS symptoms.


Yellow and gold in colour, pineapples not only aid in digestion health but also support the gut lining. Packed with vitamins and minerals, pineapples can be BBQ’s, dipped in chocolate and then frozen or blended for a sweet smoothie!

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