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What Are Kinesiology Treatments

What Are Kinesiology Treatments

kinesiologyThe word kinesiology comes from the Greek word kinesis, which means movement. It is the study of motion in regards to how the muscles behave and coordinate to move the body. What kinesiology treatments do is detect imbalances in a person’s chemistry, build, nutrition, and emotions. The way this is done is by having a kinesiologist conduct various stress resistance tests on certain muscle groups. These tests will reveal if there is an imbalance in one of these areas and that area can then be treated by employing methods of acupressure on specific parts of your body, readjusting the nervous system and improving your overall health.

The philosophy of kinesiology treatments is that it’s better to treat the body as a whole rather than targeting specific areas that may be causing the patient discomfort at a particular time. It stimulates your body to naturally heal itself and achieve full health by balancing a person’s body, mind, and spirit. For example, an imbalance such as a weak muscle can cause other parts of the body to compensate. This could cause joint pain, muscle pain, and a generally lower state of health. By addressing and treating such discrepancies, the body is able to restore itself in a holistic way.

Kinesiology treatments can be used to treat a variety of ailments that one may suffer from and create personalized plans to treat each individual. These include developing fitness plans to maintain a person’s fitness while they are injured, reducing risk of injuring an area again, and improving a person’s general quality of life. It is beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, and other conditions, and can even help patients manage their side-effects from cancer treatments. Appointments are never painful and programs are designed with care to perfectly match the needs of every individual patient. They take age and condition into account and create an individualized fitness program to best assist each patient in regaining their strength, flexibility, and endurance, as well as aiding them in further developing these areas in their day-to-day activities. The kinesiology treatments also help learning disabilities, relieve pain, brain function, hormonal disorders, sleeping difficulties, depression, anxiety, and many other conditions that affect a large percentage of the population.

During the first session, the kinesiologist will discuss your lifestyle and history. They will ask about diet, sleep habits, present and past injuries, conditions you suffer from or may have suffered from in the past, family medical history, even your current emotional state at work and at home. This is done to get a comprehensive idea of who you are and what may be the cause of any imbalance in your life. The kinesiologist will also walk you through muscle tests, during which they will explain what the desired effect of each test is and what the tests mean about your overall health. The tests are meant to provide the practitioner clues that are provided by stimulating responses from the body as to what corrections need to be made to improve whatever discomfort the patient is feeling. Finally, the kinesiologist will recommend a variety of steps you could take to adjust your lifestyle to allow your body to heal, such as ways to manage stress, taking certain supplements, and creating a fitness routine. Additional sessions will continue to evaluate your progress and make sure your body is responding to the treatment, as well as offering new ways to stimulate the body to overcome its current ailments naturally.

Kinesiology treatments are applicable to anyone who is suffering from a particular condition or is just looking to achieve a generally healthier lifestyle that takes into consideration their body’s needs. It’s natural, can be tried at no risk to the patient, and can yield results that have a positive effect on the entire body rather than a pinpointed area. As a result, this can improve a person’s general health and heal their body as a whole.

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