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What to Expect

What to Expect

Your first appointment starts with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis by our expert physiotherapists to determine what’s causing the problem. Our physiotherapists will use their well-honed skills and talent to work on you to relieve pain in your muscles and joints and find the underlying cause. Often this will be well away from where your pain is.

Utilizing the latest techniques and unique expertise, we have developed 6 Steps to help you achieve healthy results


1. Know Your Body

Being the best is what Pickering Physiotherapy Institute is all about. We are the absolute experts in our field utilizing the latest evidence based techniques and tools. Understanding a condition or injury is key to treatment programs.
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2. Fast Appointments

Starting treatment as soon as possible relieves pain and often prevents acute problems from becoming chronic. We are open six days a week and normally can provide an appointment within 24 hours.
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3. Experts In Pain Relief

At Pickering Physiotherapy Institute, we believe you deserve a life free from pain. We will conduct an 8-point, in-depth analysis to determine the very source of your pain. We will create a personalized treatment solution that will focus on the underlying cause and address the root of the pain.
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4. Exercise Zone

Exercise and posture play a huge role in the resolution and prevention of injuries and conditions that require physiotherapy. Pickering Physiotherapy Institute has established an unrivalled library of exercise and advice files to help you return to full fitness and back to living life.
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5. A Hands On Treatment

Not all physiotherapists are created equal. Our practitioners are experts in the most advanced manual techniques to mobilize your soft tissue. Manual therapy accreditations are earned over a career and physiotherapists are simply the best.
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6. State-Of-The-Art Physiotherapy + Chiropractic

Our expert team utilizes the latest techniques and incorporate state-of-the-art technology in our clean, modern facility. The best people using the best tools – what more can you ask for?
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If you’re not sure whether physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy or naturopathic medicine can help, we welcome you to book a “Free Case Consultation”. You’ll receive a free 15 minute appointment in which you can discuss your case with the expert. They will ask you questions and do some basic testing to get an idea of what your problem is. They will then present you with their initial diagnosis and give you a basic idea of what your problem is and whether it’s worth it for you to book a full Comprehensive Patient Assessment or they will make alternative suggestions.

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